"Assia" is a beautiful arabic girl name translating to a person who comforts. This necklace is a head turner piece that will elevate your outfits all season long. Wear it with an airy dress this summer or style it with a basic tee or tank. Make Assia your friend this season and have fun!


The stoneware face is hand built , glazed, lustered with 21 k gold and fired to high temperature in my home kiln. The necklace is assembled using a handmade 100% silk/linen blend. "the earrings " as I call them are made with a selection  of beads:  shell beads, brass beads ,pyrite, serpentine, glass bedads and cowrie.


The cord is adjustable to your desired length. the face measures 2" 1/2 and about 3" down to beads.


"Assia" Tribal ceramic face necklace