My name is Asmaa Aman-Tran, I`m a fiber artist and ceramicist behind Hand & Fiber. I live in Boston with my husband Chris, and our daughter Nylaa.

I was born in Casablanca, Morocco and spent most of my life there before moving to Boston. I`m so proud to have had the chance to grow up in such an exceptional and diverse culture with all its colors and wonders. My work reflects that diversity in its many forms. 

I graduated high school in Casablanca with and arts plastiques degree and did some graphic design and visual merchandising after that but that did not satisfy my love for making.

When my daughter Nylaa came to life, I thought I would never get the chance to have time to do what I love. Then I started to realize along the way that I needed to start creating again. I love having her around to see that we can do so much with our hands, that there`s so much more to the things that surround us, the things we smell, the textures we feel, the colors we see, the sounds we hear.

I discovered weaving in 2016, and never stopped since. I enjoy the laid-back feeling about it,  the endless possibilities, the freedom that it offers and the fact that one can use about  anything to weave, it`s all about being creative and adventurous!

I recently decided to get my hands dirty and play with clay, and it felt so natural to me. I was surprised how much you can do with clay and how many doors instantly opened in my creative process. 

My work celebrates my moroccan artisanal heritage and cultural art. I take moroccan weaving techniques and breath a fresh air into it. Lambskin meets copper, wool meets clay...I especially love incorporating metallic silver sequins  to my woven pieces by hand knotting.

My work is about  sharing the richness of my moroccan roots through exceptional techniques and mediums to make something truly special.

Every piece I make is intended to be unique,  in a very limited quantity.